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Bits and Pieces of Berlin
After Munich, we took a midnight bus to Berlin. The bus was around 8 hours long and it was a…View Post

Bits and Pieces of Berlin

After Munich, we took a midnight bus to Berlin. The bus was around 8 hours long and it was a…

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Thai Son Restaurant 泰山越南牛肉粉My parents asked me what I would like to have for lunch before I left to the airport, and…View Post

Thai Son Restaurant 泰山越南牛肉粉

My parents asked me what I would like to have for lunch before I left to the airport, and…

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Pho 99 (Coquitlam Town Centre)


I’ve been to Pho 99 in Richmond, but this time we went to the one in Coquitlam, It’s a lot larger and was filled with people at around 5pm.


Fried Spring Roll

The Fried Spring Rolls were served sizzling hot and were fried until golden brown. These were quite good!


#14 - House Special - Noodle soup with eye round steak, well-done flank, fatty brisket, soft tendon & beef tripe

I always get the House Special at Pho restaurants since I want everything in my noodles! I got a small #14, which was quite a huge portion compared to other pho restaurants. The tripe was also cooked so it was tender, and not tough. Soup wasn’t bad!


#3 For the Beginners - Noodle soup with brisket & well-done flank

J got #3 under the For the Beginners section. It was filled with mostly well-done flank and brisket.

Overall, Pho 99 seems more popular in Coquitlam than Richmond. Service was friendly and quick. And the place doesn’t seem as dirty as most Pho restaurants  - always a plus!

Pho 99 Vietnamese Noodle House on Urbanspoon

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Pho Queen


I wanted pho the other day but I felt like I’ve been going to same places in Richmond, so I decided to urbanspoon what other pho places there were in Richmond. I ended up finding Pho Queen, which I’ve actually passed by multiple times but haven’t tried.


Cooked Bean Sprouts

The place was pretty much empty when we got there since it was an odd 3-4 p.m. time on a weekday. I believe the place is Vietnamese owned since the lady started speaking some language I couldn’t understand to me. Service here is definitely not that great. She was kind of rude actually, just throwing menus at me and all… Anyways, we were given cooked bean sprouts, which I always enjoy since I don’t like them raw.


Pho Tai - Rare Steak Noodle Soup

J got a large Pho Tai, which is basically noodles with rare steak in it. It had tons of cilantro and green onions and was quite a large bowl for only $7.


Pho Queen Dac Biet - Pho Queen Special Beef Noodle Soup

For myself, I got a small Pho Queen Dac Biet, which is their special. I always like to try the specials during my first visit, since they include all the different ingredients. This one had rare steak, tendons, meatballs, and tripe. It was also topped with lots of cilantro, which I did not like. The tripe was also not cut well, so it was a huge piece and extremely difficult to chew on. The other items were decent however. I also found that the soup wasn’t that rich in beef flavour. I love the broths that are rich in flavour since you can tell they made the broth for many hours. This one seemed like it might’ve had some MSG in it. The portion for a small was still decent though.

Overall, Pho Queen is decent for their prices. I would still opt for Thai Son which has better service and quality.

Pho Queen 皇后越南餐廳 on Urbanspoon

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Pho Lan

On Remembrance Day, I didn’t have work or school, so it was a pretty chill day for me. Only thing was the house was left with just my dad and I, and we were both too lazy to cook. So off we headed out to look for food close by. My dad ended up suggesting Pho Lan, since it was close to our house and he was also craving some Vietnamese food. To be honest, I used to never want to even step inside this restaurant. The restaurant looks old and dirty from the outside, but last year, my dad finally dragged me in,  and ever since, I’ve been okay with the place. And after hearing the great reviews about it, I guess I will enter a less pleasant looking place if it means good food. I’ve only visited Pho Lan once before this time, but each time I arrive, the place is jammed pack with people. It might have to do with the fact that the place is really small! When you enter from the back door and try to make your way up to the front, you really got to squeeze by those chairs on either side of you. It’s THAT tight fitting. But nevertheless, it is always filled with people.

Pho Lan Special Beef Noodle Soup (Medium)

We waited for approximately 5 minutes to get a table, and boringly enough, my dad and I ended up with the same order – Pho Lan Special Beef Noodle Soup. It’s got everything in it, including rare steak, well done flank, tendon, tripe and beef balls. I’m always so indecisive so I always get the specials for pho. I got the medium and my dad got the large. It’s pretty hard to tell from the pictures that the bottom bowl is much larger than the first. So the pictures don’t really do justice. But the large is much larger than the medium!

Pho Lan Special Beef Noodle Soup (Large)

From the last time I ate here, I remember that the soup used to be really good. And frankly, that’s what makes a good pho – at least in my opinion. Sadly, I didn’t think that the soup this time was any good. My dad and I both agreed that the soup didn’t taste the same as last time’s, and that it overall, wasn’t as good anymore. However, service was still extremely friendly and polite. I would probably opt to go somewhere else next time though, unless they improve on their soup again. Prices are definitely great for the quantity you get though!

Pho Lan on Urbanspoon


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