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Coup d’Etat - Paris
After a few days back in Barcelona, we were off again to our next destination: Paris! I’ve been to…View Post

Coup d’Etat - Paris

After a few days back in Barcelona, we were off again to our next destination: Paris! I’ve been to…

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Meat & Bread
Finally! I can finally say I’ve tried Meat & Bread! I swear literally everyone has been here, and…View Post

Meat & Bread

Finally! I can finally say I’ve tried Meat & Bread! I swear literally everyone has been here, and…

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Burgoo (West 4th)


My 3rd year of school is officially done! For now at least… until summer school begins again. This called for a celebration dinner! Since N and I finished our exams at the same time, we decided to meet up for dinner and J joined along. We went to Burgoo on West 4th since I’ve been craving some comfort food and have been seeing too many of their delicious pictures on Instagram these days.


We got there at around 6:30 pm on a Monday night and the place was quite empty, but it slowly filled up later in the night. Not too busy as I thought, since I’ve heard the place has lineups on busy days. Guess we were lucky!


The decor gives you a very homey atmosphere and definitely works with their comfort food menu. Wood is basically used for all their furniture. The food is classic comfort food but at a slightly higher price, but it’s okay to treat yourself once in a while with good quality comfort food!

Butter Chicken - a savoury spiced tomato cream curry with potato and spinach, finished with cilantro

J got the Butter Chicken, which I was also eyeing on the menu for a while. It was a generous portion filled with tons of chicken and came with a side of choice of rice or naan bread. J got the naan bread and I took a piece to dip in the sauce. Very flavourful and the curry was creamy and filled with spices.

Soup & Sandwich

Crab Bisque - smooth crab and red pepper cream bisque scented with tarragon, finished with chopped parsley

Dos Diablos - two grilled angle cut filone sandwiches with melted spicy white Cheddar, chunks of Chorizo sausage and roasted red pepper

N and I both got the Soup & Sandwich combo. We both got the Crab Bisque for our soup, which I found was a little thicker in consistency than I had imagined for a bisque. The soup was also filled with crab meat in every spoon. Extremely flavourful with the red pepper and almost reminded me of a tomato base soup.

As for our sandwich, we chose different ones, but they ended up looking quite the same. Across from mine, N got the Gooey Cheese Grillers, which were filled with Mozzarella, Gruyere, Emmenthal and White Cheddar. N said it was quite good.

For myself, I got the Dos Diablos. The bread was toasted so it was crunchy on the outside and soft in the inside. So good! But I felt like it was also a little oily. Inside my sandwich were White Cheddar, Chorizo sausage and roasted red pepper. I thought it would be a bit spicy, but it actually wasn’t! The cheese was melted so nicely that that you got the stringy effect! That’s a must for a good melted cheese sandwich! Portions were also quite large for the combo and filled me up completely.

At the end, they give you your bill in a dim sum box! How cute. It also came with some candies. Was not expecting Asian cooking-ware at Burgoo!

Overall, I was quite pleased and satisfied with Burgoo. If you’re looking for some comfort and a nice place to hang out, then Burgoo is the place. The prices may be slightly higher for something like comfort food, but the portions are generous. Service was also great as our waitress continued to check up on us and we were able to chat for around 3 hours since it wasn’t busy that night.

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Leisure Tea & Coffee (Revisit)


Crispy Chicken Sandwich

I’ve revisited Leisure way too many times by now. But there still seems to be items that I haven’t tried. I always tend to go for my favourites, but this time I decided to try some other menu items. These are actually two separate visits, but I’ll just put it in one post. The first item was the Crispy Chicken Sandwich. I’ve heard great things about their Club Sandwich, but I was curious to see what a Crispy Chicken Sandwich was. So glad I got this because it was really delicious! They come in a plate of four triangular sandwiches in white bread. Each sandwich has three layers of bread, so it makes it quite large in size. With the crispy chicken inside, which is really their famous Taiwanese chicken, the sandwiches are too big to take a whole bite of. But I didn’t mind that. Inside was also tomatoes, cucumbers and mayo. I would definitely recommend this.


Crispy Chicken Waffle

Then, on Christmas night after my Christmas potluck, I joined some friends to go to Leisure again… Only Asian restaurants are open on Christmas, so the place was surprisingly quite packed. With all Asians of course. Sadly, I wasn’t too satisfied with my potluck dinner, so I was actually craving some more food by then. I’ve had their Ice Cream Waffle before, but what was a Crispy Chicken Waffle?! I decided to give that a try and it was oh so delicious! It’s really the same thing as the Crispy Chicken Sandwich but in a waffle form. The waffle also had a lot more chicken than the sandwiches. It wasn’t too salty and all the ingredients just worked well together with the vegetables giving a refreshing feel.

Overall, extremely satisfied with both visits again. The food never seem to disappoint!

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White Spot (Oakridge Mall)

After a late morning hike up the Grouse Grind, we decided it was time to grab some food. Well basically our super late lunch. We decided to head back to Vancouver since we didn’t really know where to go in North Van. And we ended up at Oakridge Mall - more specifically, White Spot. I hadn’t ate here in a while actually, other than those random days at UBC’s Triple O’s, but that’s different.

Baked Potato Inspired Poutine

Signature fries with cheese curds and gravy loaded with classic baked potato toppings - bacon, sour cream and green onion

I decided to share two dishes with K. First up, we got the Baked Potato Inspired Poutine. It was new on their menu, and it sounded like something amazing. And let me tell you, I LOVE poutine. I used to eat it almost every week during my breaks in the mall at New York Fries, but the mall’s renovating so I’ve had to resort to other food :( This was a large plate, but I didn’t think it was that great. It was lacking cheese curds, although I liked the bacon, and surprisingly the green onion on it (just because I typically arent’ a big fan of green onion). I would’ve rather gotten the Butter Chicken Poutine at New York Fries. Oh, how much I miss it…

Spaghetti and Meatballs

Spaghetti tossed in our signature marinara sauce and topped with three house-made meatballs and Parmesan. Garlic Panini bread.

E got the Spaghetti and Meatballs. It looked pretty good, and he said it was decent. I took a bite from the Garlic Panini bread and felt it lacking flavour though.

Toasted Shrimp Sandwich

Shrimp, lettuce, mayo & our chili sauce on toasted white

And the second dish I shared with K was the Toasted Shrimp Sandwich. It came with more fries and a coleslaw. I didn’t like the salad since it came with something like flax seeds. I know those are healthy, but I just don’t like the taste of them!

Here’s a closer view of the Toasted Shrimp Sandiwch. The sandwich was actaully pretty small compared to what I had imagined, but it was filled with lots of shrimp. I really enjoyed the mayo mixture combined with the shrimp and it definitely made it a light and fresh lunch. It could have had a bit more of the mayo as I found it to be lacking a little of the sauce, but good thing the shrimp was moist so it didn’t make the sandwich too dry.

Overall, I enjoyed my meal, but I have to say the service was lacking. I’m surprised that White Spot has so many people around the 3pm time, but even so, the wait to get seated and food was too long. I saw seats available inside, but the hostess still had to take at least 5 minutes to be ready for us. And remember, we were starving by that time after the hike. Perhaps we should have just gone to the food court instead… The server also took forever to take our orders. We had sat down, read our menus and were ready in no time, and our server kept walking by us saying give me one more minute. No! It’s been like 10 minutes! And then we wanted to make use of our time, so K and I went to a shop to look for something she wanted to get, hoping that our food would arrive by the time we got back, but nope. Food took way too long to arrive, and our dishes weren’t even difficult to make. Our server pretty much only had a real conversation with us when she was waiting for us to pay. So service was definitely poor! Food-wise, it was typical White Spot food.

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