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New Spicy Chili Restaurant 小四川
J’s home is in Sze Chuan and we always see her eating food that is drenched in red soup or…View Post

New Spicy Chili Restaurant 小四川

J’s home is in Sze Chuan and we always see her eating food that is drenched in red soup or…

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Haroo (revisit)Appetizers – Kimchi, Seaweed, Sweet Potatoes, Bean Sprouts, Salad
For my sister’s birthday, she…View Post

Haroo (revisit)

Appetizers – Kimchi, Seaweed, Sweet Potatoes, Bean Sprouts, Salad

For my sister’s birthday, she…

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Mega Sushi


Mega Sushi opened last year in Steveston Village near Gary Point Park. It’s not exactly in the village area, so it’s quite hidden unless you are on your way to Gary Point Park. Parking is limited in front of the restaurant itself, but there are quite a few free street parking across and nearby the restaurant.


We were greeted in Japanese by the waitress, but J told me they were Korean. And yes, we ended up learning that they could speak Korean. So I guess it’s not exactly authentic Japanese food. The place was quite busy on the weekday for lunch and was slowly packed with people.


Nigiri - Unagi, Red Tuna, Hamachi, Salmon

The nigiri sushi were presented nicely on the plate. They were fresh and the rice was just the perfect amount. I normally only eat salmon, but it was nice to give some of the other fish a try. The Red Tuna had a softer texture, and since I enjoy fish that has more of a bite to it, I enjoyed the Hamachi which was closer to a salmon texture.


Crispy’n Crunchy Roll - dynamite roll with crispy temkasu, sweet and spicy sauce

The Crispy’n Crunchy Roll was on their special roll menu, and it was essentially a dynamite roll with a twist to it. It was covered with crispy temkasu, and drizzled with a sweet and spicy sauce. It definitely had lots of crunch to it, but it still didn’t feel too oily. The hint of spice was evened out with the sweetness of the sauce, so it wasn’t too spicy.


Mega Roll - deep fried salmon and green onion with spicy mayo

We also got the Mega Roll which was also under the special roll menu. This roll had seaweed on the outside, and it was then covered with batter and lightly fried to golden. I twas topped with imitation crab mixed with a spicy mayo sauce. On the top, were tobiko and golden yellow deep fried lotus chips. The lotus chips were my favourite as they added a crunch to it! I found this roll to be a little more spicy than the previous. Definitely a mouthful of flavour.


Tuna Tataki Nigiri

Lastly, we were presented with a complementary dish to our surprise. The waitress said this was the Tuna Tataki Nigiri. A lightly seared tuna on top of rice, with a special sauce and topped with alfalfa sprouts. Quite delicious and a nice unexpected treat.

Overall, I was quite satisfied with Mega Sushi. Food and service was up to par and they have  large variety of specialty rolls, which seem to be attracting customers these days. It’s good to have another addition of Japanese food in the Steveston area.

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Yuu Japanese Tapas


Originally, we had wanted to go to Sushi Hachi, but it was closed on a Sunday! So instead, we went to mall across to look for food. I’ve walked by  Yuu Japanese Tapas many times, but I haven’t tried it before, so I decided to give it a try.


The place doesn’t serve authentic Japanese food, but it does offer a large menu of different Japanese snacks, noodles, and desserts. I heard the owner speaking Chinese, so I was already a bit hesitant on how good the food would be. The place is filled with young diners and families though. I’m guessing it’s because the prices are decent.


Deep Fried Boneless Chicken

First, we got the Deep Fried Boneless Chicken as our appetizer. It’s basically chicken karaage and it came with a spicy mayo. This was alright, but I found the batter a little thick.


Ramen in Special Pork Bone (Tonkatsu) Soup Base

I got the Ramen in Special Pork Bone (Tonkatsu) Soup Base. It came with Cha-Siu, corn, leeks, and an egg with a half-runny yolk. The ramen, however, wasn’t that great. It reminded me of instant ramen. The soup base on the other hand, was rich, but salty. It says on their website, that the chef makes this daily.


Unagi Fried Udon

J got the Unagi Fried Udon. He said it was just alright. It looked nice when it was presented, but I guess it wasn’t anything spectacular.


Green Tea, Red Bean Parfait

Yuu has tons of desserts that look really good on their menu. We got the Green Tea, Red Bean Parfait, but I was quite disappointed with it! The green tea ice cream on the top was decent, and I loved the mochi that came with it. What disappointed me was that the rest of the cup was just filled with whip cream! And it wasn’t even good whip cream. I was expecting layers of different snacks since it’s a parfait… Chico on Robson definitely makes better parfaits!

Overall, I left quite disappointed with the food at Yuu. I can’t say the food is bad, but I was expecting better. The service was alright, as our server was quite friendly. However, I don’t think I would be coming back. I can get better food for similar prices elsewhere.

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Moxie’s Classic Grill


Earlier in the month, I went to Moxie’s for M’s birthday. It’s located by the Sandman Hotel, but sadly I took forever trying to find the entrance to the parking lot. Silly me.

Surprisingly, it was my first time going to Moxie’s. I guess it’s because it’s located near all the hotels, and not so much Central Richmond. The service and ambiance reminded me of Earl’s and the prices are reasonable.


Meatballs Stuffed with Bocconcini - over linguine in a classic tomato sauce with fresh basil + grana padano
I couldn’t decide what to get for the longest time, but ended up going for a classic spaghetti and meatball. But with a twist! The Meatballs Stuffed with Bocconcini sounded really interesting since meatballs filled with cheese are always better! It was served over a typical linguini covered in the classic tomato sauce. It also came with two slices of garlic bread, which were really good! Sadly, the meatballs weren’t as good as I had imagined. I was hoping for some real stringy cheese oozing out, but the cheese seemed to be a clump in the middle.
Overall, food was alright. Nothing too special, but will definitely fill you up at a decent price. They also catered to our large table really well with more than 20 people. Definitely a good place to go for birthday dinners if you have a large group.

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