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Last post to wrap up my trip in Japan is going to be about all the random snacks I had along the way. First up, was MOS Burgernear the Shibuya station. We grabbed a quick bite here while waiting for our Airbnb host. MOS Burger is a fast food chain and the second largest in Japan after McDonald’s. I got the beef, onion and cheese melt. Tons of flavour from the onions and the cheese was really…

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Fukumame ふくまめ (Ueno) - Tokyo

Fukumame ふくまめ (Ueno) – Tokyo



There’s tons of things to do in Tokyo, but during our visit, we coincidentally were there for the Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival. This year, it was on July 26. The Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival is a huge event held every year and attracts millions of people. We decided to head to Asakusato see this event. We knew it would be crowded, but I have never been in such a huge crowd in my life. Asakusa…

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Sushizanmai (Shibuya East Exit Branch) - Tokyo

Sushizanmai (Shibuya East Exit Branch) – Tokyo



C’s friend suggested that we should try Sushizanmai, which has several locations in Tokyo. A popular location is actually the one near the Tsukiji Fish Market. However, we decided to check out the one at Shibuya’s East Exit. Here, they are open 24 hours! When we arrived, there was a bar table and some tables, and all were empty but around two. However, they told us they were all reserved. We…

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Yoshisoba (Shibuya) - Tokyo

Yoshisoba (Shibuya) – Tokyo



There are tons of restaurants near the Shibuya station. For breakfast, we decided to head to the street where the Standing Sushi Bar is and look for some food. We came across Yoshisoba, which is a standing noodle bar. The prices definitely drew us in. For under 600 yen, you can get a don and soba set! What a steal. First, you must insert your money in the vending machine and choose your food. A…

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Sushi Daidokoya すし台所家 (Shibuya) - Tokyo

Sushi Daidokoya すし台所家 (Shibuya) – Tokyo



Sushi Daidokoyais located in Shibuya and literally just by the corner of our apartment. Every time we walk past it, there are people in it. For me, it’s always a good sign when I see people inside a restaurant. It’s open from the morning until late night. During the day, they have some pretty good deals like Chirashi-don. Wish I had tried that… Anyways, after a tiring day in the sun, we decided…

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