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Old Country Buffet
I go to Seattle pretty much every year just to do some shopping. Finally, I got my passport back…View Post

Old Country Buffet

I go to Seattle pretty much every year just to do some shopping. Finally, I got my passport back…

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Wings Restaurants and Pubs (Granville)Last Wednesday, I met with my Pre-Law Society for a wrap-up dinner to a great year! It has…View Post

Wings Restaurants and Pubs (Granville)

Last Wednesday, I met with my Pre-Law Society for a wrap-up dinner to a great year! It has…

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Burgoo (West 4th)


My 3rd year of school is officially done! For now at least… until summer school begins again. This called for a celebration dinner! Since N and I finished our exams at the same time, we decided to meet up for dinner and J joined along. We went to Burgoo on West 4th since I’ve been craving some comfort food and have been seeing too many of their delicious pictures on Instagram these days.


We got there at around 6:30 pm on a Monday night and the place was quite empty, but it slowly filled up later in the night. Not too busy as I thought, since I’ve heard the place has lineups on busy days. Guess we were lucky!


The decor gives you a very homey atmosphere and definitely works with their comfort food menu. Wood is basically used for all their furniture. The food is classic comfort food but at a slightly higher price, but it’s okay to treat yourself once in a while with good quality comfort food!

Butter Chicken - a savoury spiced tomato cream curry with potato and spinach, finished with cilantro

J got the Butter Chicken, which I was also eyeing on the menu for a while. It was a generous portion filled with tons of chicken and came with a side of choice of rice or naan bread. J got the naan bread and I took a piece to dip in the sauce. Very flavourful and the curry was creamy and filled with spices.

Soup & Sandwich

Crab Bisque - smooth crab and red pepper cream bisque scented with tarragon, finished with chopped parsley

Dos Diablos - two grilled angle cut filone sandwiches with melted spicy white Cheddar, chunks of Chorizo sausage and roasted red pepper

N and I both got the Soup & Sandwich combo. We both got the Crab Bisque for our soup, which I found was a little thicker in consistency than I had imagined for a bisque. The soup was also filled with crab meat in every spoon. Extremely flavourful with the red pepper and almost reminded me of a tomato base soup.

As for our sandwich, we chose different ones, but they ended up looking quite the same. Across from mine, N got the Gooey Cheese Grillers, which were filled with Mozzarella, Gruyere, Emmenthal and White Cheddar. N said it was quite good.

For myself, I got the Dos Diablos. The bread was toasted so it was crunchy on the outside and soft in the inside. So good! But I felt like it was also a little oily. Inside my sandwich were White Cheddar, Chorizo sausage and roasted red pepper. I thought it would be a bit spicy, but it actually wasn’t! The cheese was melted so nicely that that you got the stringy effect! That’s a must for a good melted cheese sandwich! Portions were also quite large for the combo and filled me up completely.

At the end, they give you your bill in a dim sum box! How cute. It also came with some candies. Was not expecting Asian cooking-ware at Burgoo!

Overall, I was quite pleased and satisfied with Burgoo. If you’re looking for some comfort and a nice place to hang out, then Burgoo is the place. The prices may be slightly higher for something like comfort food, but the portions are generous. Service was also great as our waitress continued to check up on us and we were able to chat for around 3 hours since it wasn’t busy that night.

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Moxie’s Classic Grill


Earlier in the month, I went to Moxie’s for M’s birthday. It’s located by the Sandman Hotel, but sadly I took forever trying to find the entrance to the parking lot. Silly me.

Surprisingly, it was my first time going to Moxie’s. I guess it’s because it’s located near all the hotels, and not so much Central Richmond. The service and ambiance reminded me of Earl’s and the prices are reasonable.


Meatballs Stuffed with Bocconcini - over linguine in a classic tomato sauce with fresh basil + grana padano
I couldn’t decide what to get for the longest time, but ended up going for a classic spaghetti and meatball. But with a twist! The Meatballs Stuffed with Bocconcini sounded really interesting since meatballs filled with cheese are always better! It was served over a typical linguini covered in the classic tomato sauce. It also came with two slices of garlic bread, which were really good! Sadly, the meatballs weren’t as good as I had imagined. I was hoping for some real stringy cheese oozing out, but the cheese seemed to be a clump in the middle.
Overall, food was alright. Nothing too special, but will definitely fill you up at a decent price. They also catered to our large table really well with more than 20 people. Definitely a good place to go for birthday dinners if you have a large group.

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Earl’s Restaurant & Bar (Richmond)


Warm Gingerbread Cake - brown sugar roasted apples, salted caramel sauce, vanilla bean gelato

I realized I’m half a month late on my posts again… Blame the busy holidays and school starting! But anyways, back in December, the staff at work got together for a mini late night dinner, which was supposedly our Christmas party. We ended up at Earl’s since we get off so late that everywhere else is usually closed on a weekday. I had just grabbed dinner with some friends, so I ended up going for drinks and dessert. Service was not bad, since the restaurant was pretty empty at that time.

I got the Warm Gingerbread Cake, which is on their seasonal menu, and it was such a large piece of cake! It was moist and a little sticky, but surprisingly not too sweet after a few bites. The roasted apples on the side complimented the cake well since whenever I felt like it got too sweet, I would take a bite of apple and the sourness would balance it out. It also came with a vanilla bean gelato, but because the cake was so warm, the gelato was already half melted when it was served. Overall, not bad. But it’s definitely a huge piece to finish on your own. So a great dessert to share with a friend.

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