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N had just come back from exchange, so along with S, we headed to Majifor dinner. Maji has opened for some time now, and I kept hearing good reviews about this Taiwanese restaurant. It’s located on Alexandra Rd. right next to Leisure – also Taiwanese owned. When we arrived, it was quite empty, with only one or two tables for dinner. However, it was a random weekday. I hear that it’s quite packed…

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Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant (Dinner Menu)

Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant (Dinner Menu)



For M and B’s exchange farewell dinner, they chose Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant. They had made reservations beforehand, so there was no wait for a table. As usual, MW decided what to order and he ordered just enough to have each one of us full. It was pretty fun to have a Chinese dinner with a huge group of friends since we don’t usually do this!


 Sea Harbour Assorted Cold Cuts Platter


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Memory Corner



Memory Cornerjust opened this year and it seemed to catch many people’s attention. It’s located at the corner of No.3 across the city hall. That location has changed restaurants multiple times, probably because it’s an odd location. Well Memory Corner now takes the spot and they offer what many say is authentic Taiwanese food. I decided to try it out with J for a late lunch. I had saw tons of…

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Sushi Hachi



Finally! Finally, I was able to try Sushi Hachi. I remember coming here with J twice, and each time, it was each fully booked or it was closed. They only open on Tuesdays to Saturdays and only for dinner from 6pm to 9pm! It’s like almost impossible to get a seat here without reservations too, since the restaurant is extremely small. It fits around 30-40 guests too, so they probably only get…

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Sura (Richmond)



Complimentary Side Dishes

Sura Korean Restauranthas been around for quite a while in their Downtown Robson location. I hear good things about that location, with their lunch menus being quite affordable. Sometime last year, they opened a second store in Aberdeen Mall in Richmond. Sadly, it didn’t seem to meet the same expectations looking at online reviews. I decided to give it a try myself,…

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