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Yoshisoba (Shibuya) - Tokyo

Yoshisoba (Shibuya) – Tokyo



There are tons of restaurants near the Shibuya station. For breakfast, we decided to head to the street where the Standing Sushi Bar is and look for some food. We came across Yoshisoba, which is a standing noodle bar. The prices definitely drew us in. For under 600 yen, you can get a don and soba set! What a steal. First, you must insert your money in the vending machine and choose your food. A…

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Sushi Daidokoya すし台所家 (Shibuya) - Tokyo

Sushi Daidokoya すし台所家 (Shibuya) – Tokyo



Sushi Daidokoyais located in Shibuya and literally just by the corner of our apartment. Every time we walk past it, there are people in it. For me, it’s always a good sign when I see people inside a restaurant. It’s open from the morning until late night. During the day, they have some pretty good deals like Chirashi-don. Wish I had tried that… Anyways, after a tiring day in the sun, we decided…

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Ichiran 一蘭 (Harajuku) - Tokyo

Ichiran 一蘭 (Harajuku) – Tokyo



After the Cup Noodle Museum in Yokohama, K and I took the train to Harajuku to meet the girls. Harajukuis actually just a district in Shibuya, but it’s famous for their young fashion! Here, you’ll find girls dressed up in the craziest outfits. You’ll find people here dressed in grunge, gothic, or princess looking outfits. Lolita fashion is huge here – where they bring the concept of the…

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Standing Sushi Bar Uogashi Nihon-ichi (Shibuya) - Tokyo

Standing Sushi Bar Uogashi Nihon-ichi (Shibuya) – Tokyo



Prior to our trip, I had done some quick Googling to see which restaurants would be great for sushi, specifically nigiri sushi. There was the popular but expensive Jiro, and a popular one was the Standing Sushi Bar Uogashi Nihon-ichi. Luckily, there are two in the Shibuya area, and one was literally right across the street of our airbnb. It is also extremely close to the Shibuya metro station. K…

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Gundam and Takoyaki Museum at Odaiba - Tokyo

Gundam and Takoyaki Museum at Odaiba – Tokyo



Fuji Television Studio

The next day, we made a trip to Odaiba by metro. Odaiba is an artificial island in Tokyo Bay which was initially built for defense, but is now a popular spot for tourists. Upon getting off the metro, we walked across this skywalk where we immediately saw a beautiful building. This was the Fuji Television studio! Apparently there is an observation deck on the top floor too.


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